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Image by Fang-Wei Lin

So you’ve got the words on the page. You’ve fiddled, tweaked, rewritten whole paragraphs, scrapped entire plotlines, fiddled some more. You’re ready for the next step on your way to publishing. But what is that next step exactly?

You need a good editor, of course! And you’ve come to the right place.​

I’m a professional line and copy editor specializing in YA and adult fiction. I love helping authors tell their stories with writing that truly shines.

"Only the blank page needs no editing." - Marty Rubin


"I learned a lot about myself as a writer. Seeing my work critiqued was a real eye-opener."

C. J. Roark (author)


"I had so much fun working and talking with you. I am so glad that you were the one to work on this with me and I can’t wait to continue through the rest of the series. Your input has been invaluable."

N. C. Hayes (author)


"You actually knew your grammar! Not as intrusive as I thought it'd be."

Michael Daoust (author)

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